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What’s My Travel 5?

My Travel 5 is a company who put in link tourist with local guides / expert / addicted persons everywhere in the world, in a muslim friendly atmosphere!
Today, My Travel 5 is looking more than 1500 persons looking to share their experience and earn money .

Why work with My Travel 5?

  • Get paid to share your passion
  • Meet people from around the world
  • Practice other languages
  • Work when you want!
  • My Travel 5 take care of everything , no need website, no need to pay for advertisement…

Who can work with My Travel 5?

Anyone wishing to share a particular knowledge, skill or expertise can sign up and offer an activity on My Travel 5. Note that My Travel 5 is committed to assist you in creating your services.
You can be professional, expert, or simply passioned by an activity
You can be student, dentist, carpenter, guide, Blogger, jobless, driver, teacher, baker, trader, manager, cleaner, …
Most important , we are looking for persons passioned by an activity and who like to meet and help people.

How to create an activity?

It’s easy and very simple.
No need to be a professional
Only 3 steps
First, get an IDEA.

To get an idea, look around you, listen your friend, know your passion , check different website, …

Tips to get idea:
Shopping, sport, tours, monuments, Leisure, workshop, knowledge, around your city, popular, privacy…
Log in My Travel 5

Only 3 steps

Accept the terms and conditions
Fill your profile
Fill your activity description
Submit your activity to My travel 5
Our team will approve (or not) your activity within the next 48 hours , then your activity will be online and insha Allah will be choosed by our huge database of worldwide travellers.

Please note than you can be asked to meet or to have a quick skype session to know each other.
As My Travel 5 want to guarantee the safety and reliabilty of his concept , its very important to know all the guides of My Travel 5.

How can I make my activity more attractive?

My Travel 5 will assist you to create the most attractive profil and description of your activity.
Some advices:
Give a maximum of information about your activity (meeting point, planning hour by hour, itinerary,…) Your client will like to be between organized hands.

Give a maximum about you in your profile(pictures, what you like, what you do, why you do this activity…)the client like to know with who he will spend the activity

Give a maximum of images (and video when you can ). Don’t be shy and put your photo . Traveller want to find people with who they can have common point.

Set a reasonable price. Make your cost calculation , include the commission of My Travel 5 (20 %) and see how much you want to earn. A simple rule: not too cheap (mini 20 euros) not too expensive. Your price will also help you to be choosed or not.

Who choose the price and the time ?

Your rules
Set your rules : if you want to welcome only womens , mention in the activity
Set your price: You are the one who decide the price. My Travel 5 is here only to advice you.
Set your time: Decide when you want to offer the activity (everyday, one day per week , morning, evening…). Choose the lenght of your activity ( 1 hour, 2 hours, ½ day, full day, 2 days…)
Think Muslim
My Travel 5 follow the values of islam .
It doesn’t mean its only for muslims . Its open to everybody . Not only muslim buy hala meat for example.
For your activity , think Muslim. For example, think like a muslim family coming to holiday in a foreign country , they need to find their landmarks and you will be here to assist them.Or think like YOU are going to a foreign country, how you will like to be welcomed and what kind of activities you wish to find?
Think Muslim
My Travel 5 is not a religious website, its only a platform who put in link travellers and local people . The common point is they agree with our muslim friendly charter.
Some muslims pray, some not, some wear hijab , some not… As a guide, you are not here to judge people but be yourself and respect everybody.

Can I have some some examples of activities?

Visit of the Louvre
Home cooking
Visit of Paris by Night
Personal shopping
Photography tour
Visit of a farm / Lake…
Organization of a BBQ…
Morning Jogging after Al Fajr for the sportmens
Hike in the mountain…
Trek in the jungle of Langkawi (Malaysia)
Halal fast food trip
Cooking lesson
Visit of a stadium for football fan
Tour of the vegetable and fruit market
Workshop: how to navigate in the city ( metro / bus/ taxi…)
Organization of family game in the city
Midnigt food crawl in Kuala Lumpur
Examples of activity
Street art discover
Freestyle soccer lesson
Urban parkour in Paris
French pastry discover
Best brunch in Dubai
Swahili culture in Diani
Live my life of Parisian during 1 day
Attraction park day
Da Vinci code tour
Best burger of London
Discover all the secrets of Candem market
New york running tour
Doha in 1 day
Paris flea market
Singapour boat tour
Personal safari in Nairobi
Discover the job of Baker
London seen by an architect
Examples of activity
Live 1 day in Tunisia like a local
Red train in Tunisia
Istanbul mosque history
Footgolf in Paris
Diner in a moroccan ryadh
BBQ on the playa
Bike tour in Majorca
Berlin mosque tour
Explore Mombasa with Matatu

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