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MyTravel 5 is the first platform dedicated to Muslim travelers that meets all your needs:

a free, ergonomic and creative personal space and an online payment for a minimum management and maximum comfort.

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  1. Give details about yourself Make sure you give as much details as possible about yourself. The travelers like to know who is the organizer and if they have common point. Don’t forget that one of the goal of My Travel 5 is to meet new Muslim from all around the world.
  2. Add picture of yourself Picture of yourself is a window for your activity. It’s not an official picture like for passport but a picture showing you like you are, where you are smiling or playing.
  1. Give details about the activity experience you are offering. Make sure you give as much details as possible about the activity that you are offering. Next to an appealing description, define the highlights, what’s included and don’t forget to add the location. This information will appear here on the website, so use this opportunity to really explain what you are offering. But remember, do be honest, as travelers will want to know exactly what to expect.
  2. Set your own price You are free to set your own prices. Check out your competitors on the site and set a fair price.Be sure to indicate if the price is per person or for a group. My Travel 5 does NOT take any commission from the price that hosts set. My Travel 5 charges a fee of 20% on top of the host price, for all the expenses needed to cover the cost of promotion and running the site. For more information visit: How do I define the right price for my experience?
  3. Set your dates You decide when you want to offer your activity. Choose to welcome muslim travelers when you want. You will have 24 hours to accept or decline a booking date.

A profile will be created for you on My Travel 5 website. You will be able to access this and edit your details. You will also be able to manage your calendar and bookings via the website. If you receive a booking, you will need to confirm it within 24 hours. You can contact the traveller via the My Travel 5 website in order to discuss details.

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